Upcoming Projects

LV Magazine has several opportunities for models and actors in a few upcoming projects. If you’re interested in modeling for LV Magazine or auditioning for a role. Please use the form below to contact us.

The Caul By: Ivory Moses

Some people are born with THE CAUL, veil, or hood, over their face. Perhaps you are one of these people or know someone who was born this way. Many belief systems hold that being THE CAUL is a sign of special destiny and psychic abilities, or good luck.

The Caul follows the life of an African -American woman born in New Orleans named Luella who has been born with The Caul. She has the psychic ability to see spirit’s and has supernatural encounters. The entire town is in an uproar when two neighborhood church girls are kidnapped, brutally raped and murdered. Luella is the only one who can put their tormented souls to rest and solve the horrific murder’s if she can survive the ghostly ordeal and the cold-blooded killer who will do anything to keep her silent!!!!

Think Sixth sense, meets Beloved, meets Octavia Butlers “Kindred”

Luella will discover having “The Caul” is both a blessing and a curse for some things are left better unseen.


The Dark House By: Lavern Spruill

 Based on true stories. Ten years ago, a young couple (Jen and Lima) moved into a three-story house.  The house is the only old building still standing on the street and appears to be dark and haunted. Present day, An inspired writer came across police reports of unexplained activity during the time the couple lived in this house.  The reporter seeks out the couple, who’s no longer together.  With their permission, the reporter videotapes and interviews the couple to hear their story about the events that took place when they lived in the house.


All projects have openings for men, women, and children ages 8-42.