Andrea Austin

I could try and share what my passions are, but I don’t care to bore you. I love family, friends and getting to know everyone I feel fortunate and blessed to meet, because you inspire my desire to create artistically.

For me, the company we keep inspires the past, the present and what’s to come. I’m a student of life and experience and it’s what drives me to create my personal works of art, poetry, music, photography, videos and when I have time, preparing an intimate dinner party for my closest friends and family over a theme inspired meal just to say thank you.

I don’t like labels because it suggests something permanent and I’m constantly evolving and at the ripe ole age of 50, I’m far from done. Two of my greatest accomplishments to date and what I’m most proud of are my sons, Khalfani Matsomakali, (Aspiring Record Producer) currently attending his third year at Fairleigh Dickerson University in New Jersey and Bakari Nosakhere Austin, (Aspiring Chef/Fashion Designer) going into his senior year of High School at Trenton High, before he attends The Philadelphia Restaurant School after he graduates. These young men have made me so incredibly proud and blessed to be their mom and I’d love to believe it’s because I understood, as a mother, what they needed from me to be the young men they’re building before me today.