Ivory Moses

Spoken word artist and aspiring writer, Ivory Moses, fell in love with writing at the age of 12. Raised during the early 90’s in a housing complex in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY, she witnessed repeated acts of violence in which she had also suffered the loss of dear friends and family members. Poetry became a creative outlet to express the struggles she faced during her adolescent years growing up in a crime-driven Urban community. It was through Spoken Word that she embraced “Fearlessness” and the confidence to say what was on her mind.

Ivory has written poems Titled “How this Sh**set up “ and “Ghetto Jewels “ which are both controversial free verse poems in which she speaks about the challenges of underprivileged minorities. She has a passion for discussing the “pink elephant in the room” which is how she got the stage name “UNRULY POET”

In July 2017 after a year of residing in South Florida, the Universe brought Ivory Moses across the path of Mastermind Lavern Spruill who recognized her talent, giving her an opportunity to contribute her creative attributes to  LV Magazine.

Truly believing that she is blessed, Ivory is ready to deliver her A-game to the readers of LV Magazine, promising to always bring interesting, informative,  fresh yet contentious topics to the table for discussion.

Early 2018, Ivory Moses released her debut novel Almost Lost. She plans to release a children’s book entitled Poetic Mutants later in the year as well as her first screenplay, The Caul.