Lavern Spruill

Lavern loves any and everything about art. Her primary goal in life is to find ways to help others by giving them a platform to express and show their talent and give back at the same time. As a little girl, she always loved the creative arts, particularly music and visual arts. Lavern graduated from Weequahic High School in Newark, NJ and later served in the United States Army. While in the Army, She continued her education in Business Management while studying Art and Music Appreciation at Enterprise Community College in Enterprise, AL.

Lavern enjoys traveling and has had the privilege of working alongside the Peace Corps in a humanitarian mission in Ukraine. Lavern traveled to Paris, Germany, Kuwait, and Sweden. She has a passion for photography and started her own freelance photography business, NightRain Photography, named after her second born Amaya who’s name means night rain.

She has a collaboration, working alongside her brother Tim Spruill, where they provide graphic design, web design, print and logos for many businesses in the Boston area. Fall of 2017, they launched LV Magazine.

Lavern’s daughter, Felicia Johnson, assists in operating LV Magazine and is also a professional makeup artist with years of experience in beauty and fashion blogging. They recently collaborated on Lavern’s first film, “The Reeves,” which will premiere on October 30, 2018. Lavern wrote, directed and produced the film and Felicia provided the special effects makeup.

While Lavern’s primary focus has been in photojournalism, this new venture is a next step creative project to date. Lavern’s photography goes beyond just taking pictures – through still imagery she allows you the ability to relive the most poignant moments of your life. Through my experience and travels around the world, I have been able to see beauty personified via endless mediums. My goal is to continue to stir up emotions, reactions, and fond memories through visual art and media, and The Reeves is my way of bringing my vision and creativity to a new level.

In her free time, Lavern keeps busy with her writings, and she’s currently in the early stages of writing an autobiography, which she hopes to one day produce into a film.

Writer / Director / Producer – Lavern Spruill – Reminiscent. Mesmerizing. Alluring. Visionary. Imaginative. Conceptual. Enigmatic. These are all words commonly used to describe the thoughts that come to mind when taking in all that is the creative imagination of Lavern Spruill.

“Being creative and a visual artist has, and will always be my dream goal and my life’s work.”
Lavern Spruill