Tim Spruill


Tim originally moved to Boston to learn fashion illustration and design. But he soon found himself much more attracted to the graphic arts. His love of graphic design actually started with comics. For Tim, it went deeper then heroes and powers. He was also affected by the art, illustration, graphic design and overall creative presentation. When in his twenties, Tim one day decided to enter a local comic book contest and won third place. Thanks to further encouragement from his co-workers, friends, and peers; Tim began taking lessons in graphic art and visual design, which soon led him on the road to acquiring a Bachelors of Science Degree in Graphic Design.

Having been in the professional creative field for over 20 years, Tim continues to harness and evolve his skills and experience as an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, and entrepreneur.

Tim also brings a unique perspective inspired by his love of esoteric spiritualism, practice, and imagination to his creative process, solutions, and services. Tim’s current philosophy and artist statement is “Creative  Alchemy Through Art & Design. His freelance business, Tim Spruill Creative, boasts a number of clients from small museums, art studios and non-profit organizations and Start-Up businesses, to working with local printing companies and their wide range of professional customer needs. Tim also works with individuals and other creative visionaries, helping them to complete their own creative goals through collaboration and innovative ideas.