Zipporah Jael Dardy

Poetess Zipporah Jael Dardy: A Beautiful Bird Spreading Her Wings and Flying to New Heights

Behind the name Zipporah Jael Dardy; in Hebrew meaning “little beautiful bird” lies an amazing talent who is poised to become the high priestess of poetry. Her spoken word pieces are reminiscent of the works of legendary poets Sonia Sanchez and Nikki Giovanni with their sense of relevance, urgency, and thoughtfulness; encompassing many aspects of the human experience.

Hailing from South Florida and raised in a Christian home with seven siblings, she learned the importance of family, faith and unconditional love. This is an important development in her life and is at the root of who she is and emanates in her art. Reflecting on her evolution as an artist and how important these seeds that were planted goes into her work she says, “Being exposed to religion at an early age gave me faith, spiritual guidance, and the fear of our creator.  As I began to grow into my melanin, royalty became my message.  I laugh as I ponder on the name my parents gave me because I feel that I am a little beautiful bird soaring in the sky, delivering messages of truth and understanding to the black community; my family, and all people who are committed to living life on a higher level.”

In the tradition of many great African American women writers who came before her such as Alice Walker and Maya Angelou, Queen’s work question issues of identity and navigating her way in American society. To illustrate this point she speaks of her time in the U.S. military and this paradox that shaped her content as a writer, “Many ask me why did I join and I tell them I joined for a sense of belonging and to serve a country I so loved, but could not love me back. This caused me to write.”

In addition, her work strikes a personal note with its cathartic and passionate tone that captivates those who listen to her project (fill in name of project) or catch her live performances. “I convinced myself that I was doing something great, yet my judgment was clouded with grief and anger due to the death of my mother after graduating from high school in 2004.  Her loss took a toll on me which encouraged my piece “Finding Me while Losing Her.”

Her poems set to music are part of a powerful and pertinent repertoire that connects with the human spirit. Speaking of why she feels her work is impactful she says,  “I try my hardest to place my feet in other’s shoes, to always be honest and never give up on anything nor anyone.  I value sister-hood, family, and community.”

There is a message in her music that is a wake-up call and an antidote to much of the music that is on the airwaves today. Her sound has the healing powers to uplift humanity and she is ready to take listeners on this sonic journey.  “I appreciate the Queen I have become and the strength it pulled out of me.  Now that I have awoken to consciousness I am ready to wake up many others’ whom are still asleep through my words, power and spirituality.” As Zipporah Jael Dardy,  is the living true to her name, this “beautiful little bird” is spreading her wings flying high into the stratosphere of a relevant artist in the 21st century.